Tech Buyers/Scouts: Business Needs

Facilitated B2B Meetings will take place on March 14 and 15 at the #BCTECH Summit. Below is a list of the companies (tech buyers and scouts) that have a defined business need in their organization and are seeking BC technology solutions.

If you are a BC company and have a solution for one or more of these business needs, we encourage you to apply to the B2B Meetings. In order to be approved for matching you must be an attendee of the #BCTECH Summit.

If you are a tech buyer and interested in submitting your business needs, review the examples below. An organization can submit more than one business need, but each must be defined separately in your organization’s application. To register as a tech buyer/scout, contact   

More organizations will be added to the list below up until application deadline date of February 24, 2017. Check back regularly to see the type of business needs that require tech solutions. We look forward to connecting with tech buyers and approved SMEs in February 2017.