8:45 am to 12:00 pm


Welcome and Opening Remarks.

  • Don Mattrick, Industry Chair & Co-Chair, #BCTECH Summit & Premier's Technology Council (Zynga, Microsoft, EA)

  • Sophie Lui, Anchor, Global BC

Honourable Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia

Welcome to the #BCTECH Summit.

Technology Empowering People and Organizations Through Digital Transformation.

How are companies in BC already benefitting from the latest technology? What is on the tech horizon? How can we partner to continue to solve problems small and large? Julia White, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft, aims to answer those questions and more.

Rapid advancements in cloud computing are creating new capabilities, insights and efficiencies, allowing organizations big and small to transform the way they deliver products and services. As this transformation accelerates, virtually every company in every sector of the economy is becoming in part a digital business. Julia will share her perspective on the technology trends shaping the future and enabling powerful new ways for people and organizations to work.

Electric Vehicles and the Sustainable Energy Revolution.

Automobiles are a celebrated symbol of human mobility but are also an invention causing substantial air pollution as they consume most of the world’s petroleum. Tesla questions the automobile downsides by making electric vehicles a technologically and culturally coveted option to pursue. Imagine a world where all mobility is powered from the sun and wind. Inventiveness and creativity in electric vehicles can create a better future for humanity, bring on the green mobility revolution.

Building a Global Digital Media Powerhouse out of BC.

BroadbandTV (BBTV) is a powerful force in online video and is the largest Multi-Platform Network (MPN) in the world. Today, the company works with more than 86,000 content creators, achieves over 2 3 billion views per month and is the third largest video property worldwide, following only Google and Facebook. Hear how BC-based BroadbandTV is redefining entertainment by building one of the world’s strongest ecosystems in online video, which is a combination of operating strong brands, producing captivating content, innovating leading technologies, and smart distribution & monetization across the board.

The Quantum Effect: How BC Tech is Changing the World.

BC is a world leader in the research and commercialization in the areas of quantum computing and quantum materials. But what is QUANTUM and how will it change everything we do, from quantum computers to superconducting materials? The potential is incredible. Be inspired by the vision of ALL THINGS QUANTUM-BASED on existing and anticipated research infrastructure and its application to superconductivity and new approaches for computing, electronics and clean energy needs.

  • Andrea Damascelli, Scientific Director & Professor, Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute and the University of British Columbia

  • Jeremy Hilton, Senior Vice-President, Systems, D-Wave Systems Inc.

  • Stephanie Simmons, Canada Research Chair in Quantum Nanoelectronics & Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University

  • 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

    LUNCH in the Marketplace
    Marketplace, Future Realities, Startup Square, Research Row and Technology Showcase Open
    B2B Meetings Begin


1:00 pm to 5:00 pm



Digital, Mobile, Intelligent, Autonomous Systems and IoT forces are at work. This afternoon offers a comprehensive look at the intersection of technology, innovation and data and its impact on society and our ability to drive our economy.

Smart Cities: The Backbone is Connectivity. It starts with connectivity. Perspectives from global cities to our hometowns whose journey of mesh networks, darknets and social physics in the digital age will be shared. Learn WHY it is important and how they are doing it.

What is a Smart City? and What Innovative Thinking is Leading the Way?

It's an IoT World: What Innovations are Empowering Our Cities and Citizens?

Connecting the Dots... Across an Ocean and Over a Hill to Strengthen a Shrinking Economy.

Keeping an Eye on the Future: BC Hydro's View

Creating Tech: How Do We Design in Trust for Better Predictive Safety?

How Data Science, Analytics and Algorithms Lead to the Best Decisions in Aviation.

  • Stefan Karisch, Director, Analytics, Boeing Commercial Aviation Services

Connecting the Dots. How Do We Get All Our Jurisdictions Talking?

We Know You're Out There: Using Satellite Data.

Earth observation satellites provide a continuous stream of information about Earth’s land and oceans. The data can be used by end-users in both the private and public sectors to increase operating efficiencies and safeguard strategic assets. Companies delivering cutting-edge data analysis services are redefining how end-users view the ever-increasing volumes of information being generated by the satellites.

The Data Visualization Challenge - Data Innovation in the BC Government

Hear how the BC Government is utilizing technology to innovate and improve its data visualization capacity and the usefulness of Crown data. Then meet the finalists, each asked to create a housing market visualization to enable planning and decision making on community growth and housing data.

BC innovators that submitted their solutions or concepts for this challenge had the potential to receive up to $75,000 for the innovations that best solved the needs of the challenge opportunity.

Lightning Pitches.

1:15 pm to 5:00 pm



BC companies are transforming how natural resource sectors are addressing the most pressing challenges facing society. This fast-paced session will uncover the positive impacts across our largest industry sectors, the science behind them and technology's role.


Imagine If… A Clean Resources Perspective.

Big picture thinking starts the discussion and thought leaders drill down into the sectors.

  • John Thompson, Principal & Wold Family Professor in Environmental Balance for Human Sustainability, PetraScience Consultants Inc. & Cornell University

How Forestry is the Solution to Climate Change.

Leading for the Future: Clean Mining - The Kitimat Story.

Case Study: Tall Wood Buildings.

Our Forests - What Do You See?

  • Martin Pudlas, Vice-President, Operations, Canfor Pulp Products Inc.

Case Study: The Three B's of New Mining - Biosolids, Barcoding and Biodiversity.

Natural Gas for a Cleaner British Columbia.

How Mining and IoT Work Together.

Unlocking the Value of Open Data.

A state desired by many but more challenging to implement than anticipated. This session will challenge the audience to move the needle.

  • Bruce Madu, Vice-President, Minerals and Mining, Geoscience BC

Stakeholder Engagement: The Social Physics of Water.

Clean water is our most precious resource and one of the greatest challenges our natural resource sectors face. Matching human needs and allaying fears through thoughtful planning and management is key - let's look at how we can do this.

Innovation Rethink.

  • Lyn Anglin, Chief Scientific Officer, Imperial Metals Corporation

1:15 pm to 5:00 pm



Eight billion smartphones on the planet, all connected to consumers demanding new, secure, friendly ways of doing business. How are we leading the way?


What Blockchain Means in the Global Economy.

As instruments of global social, political and business change, blockchains will be the best new tool of the decade. We must prepare for this new decentralized economy. What does the emerging crypto-tech economy look like? How can consumers and businesses benefit from a trust economy that is decentralized at birth?

Fintech: From Bots to Blockchain - Innovation for a New World.

A rapid global economic shift has demanded that fintech evolve rapidly to meet the changing demands of business, entrepreneurs and consumers. Can we be world leaders?

Reinventing Work with Transformational Tools: IBM + MobileFirst.

The way we live has been undeniably transformed by mobile technology. Now, it's time to transform the way we work. Together, Apple and IBM are redefining the mobile enterprise by delivering a new generation of apps that connect users to big data, analytics and Watson-powered cognitive capabilities right on their iOS devices - changing the way they work in empowering ways.

CX is the new UX: Building Customers Through Great Experience.

Whether you choose AI or real human beings, service is the (new) standard we are measured on. How can you balance resources, automation and deliver meaningful value to your clients?

Grappling With Privacy and Security in the IoT Age: Aiming to Win.

Digital technology has deep-reaching social, economic and security impacts. Cybersecurity is paramount in all sectors, and requires a strong public - private partnership. Guided by regulation; enforced at federal levels; managed day-to-day across every enterprise and in our social systems understanding the fundamental challenges we face, steps we are taking and how disruptive technology is gaining momentum, this session will leave you thinking. Hope is not a strategy. Ensure you have a balanced security strategy that is risk-based and mitigates the threats facing your organization.

  • Gary Perkins, Executive Director, Chief Information Security Officer, Province of British Columbia

  • Keith Cerny, Chief Technology Officer, ACL

  • Tyson Macaulay, Chief Technology Officer, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

  • Jo-Ann Smith, Director, Technology Risk Management & Data Privacy, Absolute Software

1:15 pm to 5:00 pm



BC's creative industry has global impact from entertainment to future realities (VR, AR, MR) being applied to life sciences and education. As one of our highest growth job sectors we continue to close the gaps and resonate globally. What's next?


The VR Ecosystem in Canada - Presentation of a Collaborative Study.

Response Panel - The VR Ecosystem in BC.

From Studio to Market: How We Are Getting There and You Can Too

Big Work in BC: Case Studies of the Biggest Names in Animation and VFX Choosing BC. A Look at the Real Skill Sets Needed to Build Bridges to Digital.

  • Richard Smith, Director, Masters of Digital Media & Professor, School of Communication, The Centre for Digital Media & Simon Fraser University

  • Michelle Grady, Senior Vice-President, Production, Sony Pictures Imageworks

  • Cam Langs, Computer Graphics Technical Supervisor, Industrial Light and Magic

  • Jennifer McCarron, President, Atomic Cartoons

  • Sharon Taylor, Executive Vice-President & General Manager, Animal Logic

What's Next: Framing the Future in Mixed Realities.

How AR/VR technologies will impact the future of businesses in industries as wide-ranging as entertainment, manufacturing, and logistics over the next decade.

AR, AI And The New Industrial Revolution

A look at the historical significance of exponential technology advancement in holographic technology and machine learning, and how to take advantage of this moment in time.

The Talent Future of Digital Media Through Experiential Learning.

March (Digital) Madness - Teams to Watch!

We see the strides in digital impacting multiple sectors and building on our reputation as a leader in this space - let's hear how these companies are approaching the future.

1:00 pm to 5:00 pm


1.5 Innovations in Clean Natural Gas.

Global demand for cleaner energy is growing , with British Columbia in a prime position to meet it. Join us as we gather leadership from industry, academia and decision makers from governments across Canada, Norway and the world to discuss achievements through present and future innovations in natural gas technology.

Norway's Journey to a Sustainable Energy Future.

Keynote address from the Norwegian Ambassador, Her Excellency Anne Kari Ovind

The Future of Sustainable Ferry Transport.

Norway and Canada have taken the lead for environmentally friendly ferry transport using natural gas and other innovations. We bring together the leaders from both countries to discuss the future of sustainable ferry transport.

  • Mark Collins, Vice-President, Strategic Planning and Community Engagement, BC Ferries

Environmental and Climate Leadership.

Trend setters will share perspectives on how policy and strategy are driving their organizations to achieve leadership positions when it comes to climate change and the environment. We will hear how natural gas forms a core component of many of these strategies.

TechTalks 2: Net Zero Carbon Natural Gas.

Natural gas produced from biomass, called renewable natural gas (RNG), can provide an abundant source of energy using the same infrastructure as conventional natural gas but with almost no net carbon emissions. At the same time, innovators are finding new ways to decarbonize fossil natural gas. Learn more about these leading edge examples that bring us closer to a net zero emissions future using natural gas.

The World's Cleanest LNG.

Get an update on how innovations are giving Canada’s emerging LNG export industry a leading position in the world. What can they learn from Norway’s experience? Hear from technology providers and project proponents on their latest plans.


Tech Talks.

Share your story of technology and innovation in an energetic 7-minute presentation.

12:20 PM - Partnerships for a 21st Century Government.

From fast-paced open source projects to larger-scale sprints with embedded teams, experiments are underway across the BC Public service to find new ways to partner with and boost the tech community and to develop public sector services. Join us to hear about exciting new pilot project opportunities as well as the latest from the BC Developers Exchange. Lunch available.

  • Peter Watkins, Executive Director, Tech and Innovation, Commercialization Initiatives, Government of British Columbia

  • Sue Wheatley, Executive Project Director, Centre for Data Innovation, Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training

12:45 PM - Research in Action, Part 1.

5:00 PM - Tech in Motion: Smart Cities, Skies and Oceans - Who's Driving and How Do We Get There?

This will be a facilitated discussion about where autonomous vehicles are going, and you can do this networking style with a craft beer or soda in hand.


  • 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

    Networking Reception in the Marketplace and All Showcase Areas

  • 7:30 pm

    Late Night Short Film Fest - "Made in BC," presented by TELUS STORYHIVE